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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About White Oak Hardwood

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About White Oak Hardwood

Historical and Cultural Information about White Oak Wood

White oak trees, who get their name from the distinctly white coloration of the undersides of their leaves, are one of the preeminent types of hardwoods in eastern North America. Their scientific name is quercus alba and they are a strong, special hardwood revered in wood-lover circles for their quality, beauty, and durability. They grow to as high as 65-85 feet, with trunks that span 3-4 feet in diameter.

White oaks are one of the strongest native hardwoods in the world, with a bending strength (MOR) that averages 13,000 psi and a hardness that averages 1360 pounds. The durability and strength of the wood make it very desirable for a range of uses. White oak is used in boat construction and barrels that are shipped, products that take a pounding-- -- a testimony to this hardwood’s density and strength.

White oak is very popular to use in furniture design and for doors, shelving and hardwood flooring. The grain is straight and has a wonderful visual flow to it.

For these and other reasons, there is a very high demand for white oak hardwood.

Where White Oak Grows and Comparisons with Other Woods

White oak grows primarily in the Eastern United States, all the way from extreme southern Quebec down to Florida and Georgia. There are some white oak groves in the American Midwest, but they are much more common along the eastern US coastal land.

The “Mingo” white oak tree was the oldest known white oak tree in the world and died in 1938. White oak trees live for hundreds of years and some have been known to live for 500-600 years.

The Cost of White Oak Table tops vs Red Oak Table tops

Generally speaking, there is not a significant price difference between white oak table tops and red oak table tops. The lesser availability of white oak makes it slightly more expensive than red oak, but they are comparable, with exceptions on a case-by-case basis, like for projects that require thicker planks or boards with special cuts.

Why Should I consider Buying a White Oak Table top or White Oak Counter top?

For a combination of durability, aesthetic beauty, affordability and very high quality hardwood, buying a white oak table top or counter top is a great choice. The table top or counter top will last for many years and will be easier to maintain and clean than other hardwoods. You can also stain the white oak table top or counter top to your liking, to work with your décor and provide people a table with an intense and rich stain that doesn’t compromise the natural look and feel of the white oak hardwood.

How Does Hardtwood White Oak Table tops and White Oak Counter tops Compare to Other Sellers?

Hardtwood Custom Woodworks works its craft using white oak on a daily basis, and knows the wood inside and out. Our Hardtwood craftspeople select each plank of wood with care and intention, all to fit the client’s specifications. We are in the game of exceeding expectations.

You can choose any monocoat finish to bring out the beauty of the wood and meet your color desires. Some facts about our special custom monocoat finish:

  • Durable color and protection of the wood
  • One single layer
  • Economical
  • 0% VOCs or water
  • Very easy to maintain
  • Certified

**Our white oak finish does not turn white oak yellow.

We will work with you by phone or web to make your buying experience the best it can be. We also ship nationwide and can create anything ranging from a gorgeous dining room table, butcher block counter tops, or white oak shelving to beautiful white oak conference tables or white oak table tops for restaurants. In addition to white oak, we work in any hardwood you desire, including red oak, cherry, walnut, and exotic hardwoods.

Contact us today by filling out an easy online inquiry today or call us toll free at 1-800-217-6758. 

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