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4 Reasons to Install Wooden Barn Doors Inside Your Home

4 Reasons to Install Wooden Barn Doors Inside Your Home

4 Reasons to Install Wooden Barn Doors Inside Your Home

Have you considered installing wooden barn doors inside your home? Wooden barn doors are highly versatile and common in NYC and throughout the nation for their charm, functionality, and value. In fact, Forbes Home has once again ranked barn doors as one of the most popular styles of doors inside residential homes.

There are numerous reasons that wooden barn doors are an ideal alternative to conventional doors. The following explores the reasons that barn doors are a stylish, functional, and artistic addition to any home. 

1). Sliding Doors are Functional

Custom crafted barn doors are installed using hardware that makes them easy to slide open and closed, despite the heavy weight of solid wood. Choose a custom wood door and the correct hardware to ensure that your door slides efficiently.

For example, anti-jump disks prevent the sliding door from being dislodged from the track. 

2). Barn Doors are Versatile

Sliding barn doors are versatile and becoming popular in unique areas of the home. For example, many homeowners are using barn doors to separate laundry rooms from the rest of the home. Barn doors are also a great alternative in spaces where a traditional door does not fit.

There are a wide range of custom wood color options, patterns, and designs available to choose from. There is a type of wood and finish available to compliment any home interior design, including modern, rustic, chic, contemporary, and more.

3). Custom Crafted Wood Barn Doors are Durable

Barn doors are made from solid wood and are significantly more durable than traditional doors. Sliding doors are created to move in a straight line. This design eliminates the potential for swinging and minimizes the likelihood of door slamming. 

4). Woodwork Increases Residential Property Value 

The addition of any piece of high-quality custom woodwork into your home is a wise financially conscious decision. Wood is timeless, elegant and 

Custom sliding wood barn doors are just one of many ways to incorporate wood inside your home interior design. Click here to explore other ideas for adding custom woodwork ideas into your home. 

Barn Doors Installation Precautions

Before purchasing a barn door, consider potential locations for new door installation and measure with measuring tape. You will need to ensure that you have adequate space for a sliding door and track hardware. Don’t forget that, unlike regular doors, barn doors need to be wider than the doorway. A barn door that is too narrow will cause unsightly gaps. 

Adequate Space is Required

Wood barn doors are not possible in every space. Always confirm that the prospective doorway can accommodate a sliding door before investing in a custom woodwork project. Confirm that there is enough space along the wall to slide the barn door all the way open. Ensure that no outlets, vents, windows, wall paintings, or other potential obstructions exist.

You will need enough wall space on both connecting walls if you are considering double barn door installation.

High-Quality Materials are a Must 

Regular wall anchors are not capable of holding the weight of a wooden door. Barn doors are heavy and will require tough hardware and careful installation. A header should be attached securely to wall studs. The track is then attached to the header. There should be a stud or block along every interval of the barn door track. 

Investing in high-quality materials, including wood and track hardware is essential for creating an exceptional wood barn door. Sliding doors must be crafted with high-quality wood and durable hardware to withstand long-term daily use.

Barn door hardware must be tough and able to hold up to 200 pounds. A professional woodworker should provide you will the correct handing hardware. 

Wood Craftsmanship

A wood barn door is a major investment and deserves to be completed with utmost craftsman. Spend your time and money wisely and work only with a reputable woodworker for your next home barn door project.

Hardtwood Custom Woodworks

Hardtwood Custom Woodworks offers an extensive line of unique, high-quality, custom wood barn doors. There are numerous size, material, design, and finish options available.

Contact Hardtwood Custom Woodworks if you are interested in installing wood barn doors inside your home. Call 1800-217-6758 or visit online for more information.

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