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6 Reasons Wooden Countertops are a Popular Choice in Kitchen Remodels

6 Reasons Wooden Countertops are a Popular Choice in Kitchen Remodels


Wooden countertops are gaining popularity in home and restaurant kitchens across the country. These surfaces are crafted using a wide variety of hardwood options, including maple, white oak, walnut, or mahogany.

Modern property owners are opting for wood in the kitchen to create more a conventional, elegant, and functional space.

The following list reveals the top 6 reasons that wooden countertops are a popular choice in kitchen remodels. We will also explore the numerous other ways to incorporate the beauty of woodwork into your kitchen area.

1). Wooden Countertops are Versatile

Wooden countertops are highly versatile and can easily match any kitchen design. Wood can complement any kitchen, from elegant, modern, or rustic/farmhouse designs. A professional woodworker will allow you to choose from style and layout options for your custom countertop design.

Wood is also resilient and can easily be refinished if you decide to change your kitchen design years down the road.

2). Variety of Color, Stain, and Finish Options

Choose from a variety of wood color, stain, and finish options to compliment your space. Consider the overall design of your ideal kitchen when making this decision. Generally, lighter-colored cabinetry is complimented best by darker wood, and vice-versa. For example, you can create stunning contrast by pairing white cabinets with a dark mahogany countertop.

A professional woodworker can help you decide which type of wood, color, and stains would be best suited for your kitchen design goals. You can also choose to complete the appearance of your countertops with a variety of stain and finish options.

3). Wooden Countertops Provide Excellent Work Surfaces

These surfaces are aesthetically pleasing and provide an excellent work surface in the kitchen. Wood surfaces are significantly less damaging to cutlery than hard countertops. Wood is also highly durable and fairs well with proper care.

4). All-Natural Materials

Many Americans believe that renewable resources are critical for protecting our planet. Synthetic countertops are non-recyclable and bad for the environment. Wood is all-natural, environmentally friendly, recyclable, and can easily be repurposed.

5). Timeless, Elegant, Beauty

wood kitchen countertop

Functionality and timeless beauty is the most common reason that wood remains a popular choice in residential and commercial kitchens across the country. Wood is a classic material and there are a variety of stain and finish options that can complement any kitchen remodel. Custom woodwork adds warmth to a room and maximizes space.

6). Increase Property Value

Adding wood to kitchen cabinets, counters, or other design elements has the potential to significantly increase the value of your home.

Custom Wood Kitchen Design Ideas

There are numerous ways to incorporate wood into your home or commercial kitchen design. A custom woodworker can craft exceptional wood furniture and/or wooden food prep surfaces.

Wood Tabletops

Wood tabletops increase the visual appeal of a kitchen/dining area. Wood tabletops are an ideal choice for dining room tables, bars, kitchen islands, cabinets, and more. Choose from red oak, walnut, cherry, and various other high-quality options.

Wooden Food Prep Surfaces

Custom woodwork can be incorporated throughout a modern kitchen. Choose from wooden cutting boards, cheese boards, serving trays, and more.

Additional Wood Kitchen Design Ideas

The options for adding wood to your kitchen design are endless. A rustic farmhouse kitchen can incorporate wood beams to add to the structural design of the room. Warm up a modern or contemporary kitchen with wooden stools, shelving, trim, doors, etc.

Hardwood Professional High-Quality Wood Pieces

Kitchen remodels can be an exciting but complex decision. Real wood is incredibly strong, durable, and will last for many years. Wood will also never go out of style and adding these elements to your kitchen is a decision that you can appreciate for years to come.

Be sure to choose a reputable woodworker for any custom woodwork project for your home or business. Hardtwood Custom Woodworks develops an extensive number of high-quality, durable, real wood pieces for homes and businesses around the country. Reach out today to learn how Hardtwood Custom Woodworks can help make your kitchen remodel vision a reality. 

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