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Top 6 Custom Woodwork Ideas for Your Home

Top 6 Custom Woodwork Ideas for Your Home

Top 6 Custom Woodwork Ideas for Your Home

Investing in custom woodwork is a timeless and financially wise decision.   Many of the residential homes in and around New York City feature wooden countertops, floors, and/or bookcases. Are you interested in a custom woodwork project, but looking for something unique?

All custom-crafted woodwork increases your property value and improves the experience of daily life. There are numerous unique pieces, including furniture, and other elements that you can use for to add custom woodwork to your home. 

Are you interested in incorporating custom wood elements into your home interior design.? Here are the top 6 ideas for the best solid, custom-crafted, wood pieces to bring value to your home.  

1). Wooden Beams

Hardwood beams come in at the top of our list for their visual beauty, durability, and value. Wooden beams are highly versatile and can improve the atmospheric design in nearly any room, including living areas, bedrooms, kitchens, and entryways. 

Custom walnut hardwood ceiling beams provide unmatchable charm and are pleasing to most future home buyers. Investing in custom wood ceiling beams is a regrettable decision that will add timeless value to your home. 

Hardtwood Custom Woodworks offers residential and business owners an affordable alternative to solid wood beams. Faux wood beams are connected at three points to create the illusion of a solid beam while remaining cost-efficient.  

2). Sliding Wood Barn Doors

Sliding wood barn doors are common in homes with a rustic-themed interior design. Wood sliding barn doors are a practical and functional financial investment. The aesthetic value of these doors can add beauty to numerous throughout the home. 

Sliding Barn Door Ideas:

  • Barn Door Pantry Door
  • Television Concealment
  • Separate Laundry Area
  • Trash Bin

Choose between single or double barn door styles. Wooden barn doors can also be crafted with locking mechanisms for private rooms inside the home. Design bedroom and bathroom barn-style doors with custom latches, hooks, or a deadbolt. 

Click here to explore the benefits of incorporating sliding barn doors in your home interior design. 

3). Custom Wood Shelving

Custom wood shelving is a simple, affordable, and highly functional way to incorporate wood elements inside your home. Wood shelves can be custom designed with preferred wood materials and finishes. 

Use wood shelving for practical purposes, for example, displaying books, magazines, or art supply storage. Wood shelves can also be used to display artwork, photos, or knick-knacks.

Wood shelves are also appealing to most people. Forbes shared a report that revealed that making small investments and upgrades inside your home has the potential to make a major impact on potential homebuyers. 

4). Wooden Stairs

Solid white oak is the ideal choice for retreading your stairs. Create a new upgraded look for your home stairwells with white oak hardwood stairs. These materials are unfinished and can be stained to match existing risers. 

Replacing all of the stair parts is best way to ensure that the tread wood matches and complements the riser. Invest in solid oak stair treads and risers to create and revamp your stairwell design.

5). Wood Seating

Custom wood seating is an always popular piece in residential homes. High-quality wood seating provides homeowners with timeless quality, durability, and elegance. Walnut is the most common ideal material for crafting custom wooden stools, chairs, and other seating.

6). Custom Wooden Kitchen Accessories

Wood is used for many common kitchen surfaces, including counters, tabletops, and wall paneling. 

Designers are taking these elements up a level with custom wooden kitchen accessories.  Wooden kitchen accessories add a sense of practicality and elegance to the kitchen. Upgrade your kitchen with custom wood accessories, including cheese boards, serving trays, cutting boards, and more. 

Hardtwood Custom Woodworks

Add a timeless and unique piece of custom woodwork inside your home. Custom woodwork requires knowledge, skill, and experience. 

Save yourself time and money by contacting a professional worker for your next wood project. The art of creating an exceptional piece of wooden furniture requires the combination of skilled hand-crafting techniques and modern technology. 

Hardtwood Woodworks is a full-service custom wood company in New York. Hardtwood Custom Woodworks creates custom woodwork projects utilizing only the highest quality of locally sourced hardwoods. Contact Hardtwood Custom Woodworks at 1-800-217-6758 to discuss your vision with a professional craftsman.  They are here to make your vision a reality!

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