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How Restaurant Custom Table Tops Round Out Your Interior Design

How Restaurant Custom Table Tops Round Out Your Interior Design

So how can restaurant custom table tops be such an asset? The restaurant business is a tough business to compete in. It’s the epitome of business when it comes to the service sector. Having this type of business requires many different aspects of the establishment to blend well together.

Whether it’s the food, the décor, the design, or the quality of the restaurant furniture, all of it needs to be cohesive. It needs to work together for the restaurant to be successful.

Gone are the days when the food quality would be enough to keep customers returning repeatedly. That does work for some local staples every city has. However, those are often the places that rarely grow and expand beyond that first location. Instead, they tend to be local eateries with a reputation they base on cuisine and customer loyalty.

Now people have more options, which translates into more competition for restaurant owners. While a competitive market is excellent for providing choice, it also ups the ante when it comes to quality and presentation. So there needs to be a way for any successful food business to stand out. There are several ways to achieve that kind of positive vibe.

The importance of interior design in choosing a restaurant table top

First, when considering a restaurant table top material and design, one needs to look at the overall theme of the restaurant. What is the energy that people will feel when they walk in? Is it elegance or a secondary home to share with one’s closest friends and family? What are the visuals, smells, and sounds portraying the first impressions of the restaurant?

Interior design itself is the branding of your restaurant. It’s the first thing a customer sees and immediately sets the mood throughout the restaurant. For example, are you a casual diner-style restaurant with padded couches or a bistro with sofas and oversized chairs everywhere?

The architecture and the design will help set the stage for what the restaurant is trying to convey. Quickly dictating the mood of a potential diner.

Then comes how the lighting and colors are all played and displayed. Is it bright and vibrant with the energy from the restaurant patrons felt throughout? Or is it a bit dim with more intimate settings to set a sense of exclusivity for high-end establishments? Again, the lighting and colors enhance the intended mood created with the architecture and initial design.

Combining the above elements with how the seating is set up with the accompanying tables completes how the interior design is arranged. For example, is the seating arranged for pairs of two or groups of four? Or are there round setups for large parties and events? Maybe there’s a mix of both to cater to a more diverse crowd. However the consistency needs to be there regardless of the format.

restaurant table tops


Quality of the furnishings

Once the restaurant’s vision is in place, the next major piece to consider with the interior design is much more practical. Here one looks at durability and practicality throughout the restaurant.

This is a high traffic and high volume business, with people coming and going constantly while the establishment is open. That means damage will be an inevitable part of the operating model.

How much damage is often dependent on the initial quality of the items you use when setting up the restaurant. It’s finding the right balance of solid quality items while at the same time fitting in with the theme of the restaurant you are intending to portray.

That means if there’s fine porcelain involved in higher-end establishments to evoke refinement, there’s a higher investment than, say, lower-cost uniform glasses for sodas and other soft beverages.

It’s not just the silverware and table settings that you need to consider, but the static furnishings themselves. For example, chairs must withstand carrying various body weights and sizes. Also, booths must have tough upholstery, so tears don’t happen as often.


Investment is Key

However, restaurants are notorious for getting beat down over time. So why is it essential to invest in quality materials with the interior design and overall architecture? Again, it goes back to branding for the restaurant. Is the message going to state that the restaurant food quality is at the lower end or cheap because the décor is inexpensive and of low quality?

Or is there a sense of prestige or a homey feel for the restaurant design? A worn-in look can be ok in the right setting. Such as couches surrounded by hardwood-rounded restaurant custom table tops that look weathered. However, it’s about making sure to control the overall look and feel and not just have the restaurant look run down. The balance can be tricky and there’s a fine line between vintage and worn out.

Investing in higher quality materials, especially in static pieces such as furniture, will be a much more cost-effective solution long term. Since they’re stronger, you won’t need to replace them as much.

Working with hardwood materials and metal-based items will have a lasting effect and be a solid investment option for the restaurant. There’s also an element of safety, as chairs shouldn’t ever break in a restaurant, and tables should never be unstable.

This is a massive health and safety consideration and should not be taken lightly. Too often, tables get weakened and uneven. This leads to hot food or hot beverage spillage that can be a hazard for potential customers.

Hardwood Restaurant Custom Table Tops

Now that one knows the importance of interior design, high-quality items, and a suitable layout, it’s time to take a closer look into what high quality looks like. But, of course, furnishings built to last don’t always have to come at a premium price either.

The first decision that needs discussing is whether it will be an angular restaurant with obvious paths and the tabletops being more square or rectangular. Or is it intended to be a flowing design with rounded tabletops that have a rhythmic vibe to the restaurant and its internal navigation?

Either way, hardwood tops for the tables are one of the best options. They’re the most durable option, made of solid wood and some of the strongest trees. Hartwood US carries hardwood tables that we construct from Walnut, Red Oak or White Oak. This means they’re ready to keep their form even against the most extensive usage.

There’s also a customize option to increase the thickness for those looking for maximum durability or reduce it. This allows for full movement and flexibility that could be easier on the servers when tables require moving.

From a design perspective, numerous options come from the natural color of the wood itself. If the restaurant is looking for a lighter, airy vibe, consider one of Hardtwood’s many restaurant table top options, like a White Oak or Maple-based wooden table.


tabletops for restaurant


What theme do you want to target?

If one is looking for a more refined taste, there’s the natural Walnut Live Edge Tabletops. For the more adventurous, there’s even a darker, more solid option embedded with metal. This look can transform an otherwise drab establishment into a hip industrial restaurant location.

Finally, maybe one is looking for a more playful look. This is easily achievable with a Walnut and Maple face grain round or rectangular tabletop.

You can customize the edges to reflect the décor that goes with the restaurant. So whether one is looking for a half-round option not to have any sharp edges or a cove and lead for a more traditional and rustic setting, the possibilities and combinations are enough for a wide variety of restaurants. The sizes of both the round and rectangle tables start at 18 inches and can go up to 60 inches.

Hardwood tables are as flexible as the design itself. They’re also meant to help complete the overall look and feel of the restaurant, not necessarily be the focal point of the entire creation.

With so many options, styles can become confusing quickly. So Hartwood US offers low-cost samples, which serve as a great option to physically see how the wood will stand out from a color perspective.

It’ll also help to have these samples on hand when working with interior designers for the entire fit-out of the restaurant. As opposed to having to manage a variety of sample tables to keep swapping with the décor and design.

Where to focus with your Restaurant Custom Table Tops

In the end, it’s all about the proper management of the entire project. Whether it’s the restaurant owner, interior designer, or an architect remodeling from the ground up, it’s essential to work with partners with many choices and styles that will maximize the efficiency of the restaurants.

One of the main reasons so much care was taken with our Hardwood tabletop customization comes from our awareness that there’s no one size fits all solution.

Instead, we wanted to make sure that the right mix would help to present the best possible option for any type and style of restaurant.

Working with our samples can help with the fixtures such as restaurant custom table tops and then expand into other areas of the restaurant design. For example, will there be a dedicated bar space within the restaurant? What about the counter tops for the restaurant’s kitchen?

Then consider using refined Spanish Oak Wine Barreled spinning stools as a durable and aesthetically-pleasing additional staple to the restaurant’s ambiance. That’s the beauty of hardwood products, as they come in various colors and finishes and can be built to exact specifications when need be.

For those considering remodeling their restaurant or having their own construction or interior design business, consider us your supplier for only the highest quality products based on the best hardwood materials.

Our extended range can help to fit out restaurants completely. From tabletops made out of a variety of hardwood materials to everything in between.

In addition, those who work with experts who can focus on providing quality products for their burgeoning restaurant empire will be able to focus on one of the other numerous aspects related to setting up and operating a successful restaurant business.

Contact Hardtwood Custom Woodworks today for a quote or more detail on your restaurant table tops or other restaurant furnishings needs.

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