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Hardtwood Custom Woodworks

Black Oak Thick Veneer Wood Tabletops

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Black Oak Thick Veneer Tabletop Details:

Our veneer is made from real solid hardwood that is cut 1/4 inch thick that way it can handle the wear and tear that restaurant tables need to endure (industry standard veneer is cut paper thin). 

An affordable choice these tops are laminated over 3/4 plywood ensuring that your table tops are sturdy and will never warp.  A solid hardwood border is joined to add thickness & a routed edge detail of your choice.

Benefits of our veneer restaurant table tops:

  • Thicker veneer than competitors
  • Cuts cost 
  • Real exotic hardwood beauty

The boards consist of random width boards that run the full length of the tabletop.

Please note: Because they are made from real hardwood, each piece has its own unique character, grain and color may vary from the sample images shown.

Great for restaurant tabletops coffee tables, desk tops, bar tops & more.

We custom make each of our Red Oak wood tabletops specifically to your requirements at our New York wood product manufacturing facility.

About Our Finish:

Rubio Monocoat Oil Plus 2C is a wood protector that colors and protects in only 1 single layer! It protects wood from water, heat and the daily wear & tear. It is the best oil for wood furniture, hardwood flooring, tables, just anything that is made out of wood!

Rubio Monocoat is the reference when it comes to high quality and environmentally friendly wood protection.  The molecular bonding technology provides durable, long lasting protection.

Our finish is 0% VOC and does not contain any water or solvents. It is based on natural ingredients. This means that the product is food safe to use, but equally safe for your environment.

  • Enhances the natural look and feel of the wood.
  • 0% VOC, does not contain any water or solvents.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • It’s a natural wood floor finish because the oil is made of linseed.
  • No overlaps or starting marks.
  • Can be applied to all wood types.
  • Certified.
  • Very wear-resistant.
  • Water- and heat-resistant, ideal for kitchens and bathrooms.

About Red Oak

Quercus rubra, the northern red oak, is an oak tree in the red oak group (Quercussection Lobatae).

It is a native of North America, in the eastern and central United States and southeast and south-central Canada. Often simply called red oak, northern red oak is so named to distinguish it from southern red oak (Q. falcata), also known as the Spanish oak. Northern Red Oak is sometimes called champion oak.

Quality red oak is of high value as lumber and veneer. Construction uses include flooring, veneer, interior trim, and furniture. It is also used for lumber, railroad ties, and fence posts.



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