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Unfinished White Oak Hardwood Flooring Rustic Grade

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Unfinished White Oak Hardwood Flooring Rustic Grade

Discover the Rustic Elegance of White Oak Flooring. Our Rustic White Oak Flooring combines the timeless charm of oak with a rustic touch, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere in any space. Explore our collection and bring the beauty of nature into your home with the enduring appeal of white oak. Upgrade your interior design with the rustic allure of white oak flooring today!

Rustic Grade

Rustic wood retains the character and imperfections. These imperfections can include knots, cracks, grain variations, and other distinctive markings that give the wood a unique and authentic look.

Hardwood Flooring 

Each plank is sustainably sourced and meticulously milled in our USA-based workshop, reflecting our commitment to environmental responsibility and high-quality craftsmanship.

Our real hardwood flooring features a 4-sided tongue and groove design, crafted to ensure a seamless and straightforward installation process. This design not only enables the planks to fit together smoothly, but it also adds structural stability, ensuring your floor's longevity.

We provide standard-sized planks for those who prefer traditional dimensions, we also specialize in creating custom-sized pieces. We meticulously cut the width and length to your precise specifications.



Construction: Solid Hardwood
Miling Profile: Tongue & Groove
Thickness: 3/4''
Length: 1' to 8' Random Lengths
Kiln Dried: Yes



    Exclusively Crafted Hardwood

    If you are looking for top-quality tabletops that are exceptionally strong and durable, look no further than Hardtwood Custom Woodworks. Our tabletops are made from 100% genuine solid hardwood, with no plywoods, veneers, or hollow cores used in their construction.

    We take great care in crafting our tabletops by hand, in our woodworking facility located in the United States. This ensures that each tabletop is meticulously crafted to meet our high standards for quality and craftsmanship.