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Add Any Entry Door To Cart For Savings
Add Any Entry Door To Cart For Savings
Add Any Entry Door To Cart For Savings
Add Any Entry Door To Cart For Savings
Add Any Entry Door To Cart For Savings
Add Any Entry Door To Cart For Savings
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Just Say No to Faux: 5 Reasons to Buy Real Wood Furniture vs Engineered Wood.

Just Say No to Faux: 5 Reasons to Buy Real Wood Furniture vs Engineered Wood.

Most of the furniture you’ll find at the average big box store looks like wood at first glance. But if you peel back the layers, you’ll find that it’s actually made of a mixture of wood dust, adhesive or resin, and other materials, often with a thin veneer of wood (or worse, plastic!) on the outside. 

This is often referred to as engineered wood, which has major differences when compared to hardwood.  While this composite material is a cheap way to produce furniture, it can’t compare to the real thing. Keep reading for 5 major reasons why you should say no to faux!


best hardwood tables

Faux wood furniture is rarely made to last. Moving it or bumping into it can easily cause damage. Since it’s made of cheaper material, it is often easy to scratch. It is also less stable, which makes it more susceptible to falling over or falling apart. One of the biggest benefits of real wood furniture is that it’s very durable. Solid wood is made to stand up to everyday use. You’ll get to enjoy your wood furniture for many years to come!


best hardwood table maker New York

Nowadays most of the furniture from big-name furniture stores is faux wood that is engineered overseas. This cheap, outsourced material isn’t worth the money, especially since it’s made using potentially-toxic adhesives and cheap finishes. At Hardtwood, all of our wood comes from trees that are sustainably grown in the USA. We guarantee that our handmade wood furniture is sturdy and long-lasting. You’ll get your money’s worth!


hardwood furnishings  New York

Are you looking to keep your home natural and environmentally friendly? There’s something about composite wood that will always look fake. Maybe you can’t tell from across the room, but if you look any closer, it’s easy to tell that it isn’t natural wood. Real wood is the perfect solution if you want your home to have a touch of nature. Real wood is good for the environment and feels much more genuine in your living space.


durable hardwood tabletops

Faux wood furniture generally only lasts for a few years, especially if you move it from one place to another or if it gets heavy use. It may even only last a few months depending on how cheap the material is. Buying real, handmade wood furniture will guarantee that you have a furniture piece that will last you a lifetime! Well-built, well-cared-for wooden furniture can even be passed down from one generation to the next.


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Are you worried about your furniture getting scratched, dented, broken, or damaged? Composite wood products cannot be sanded down, stained, or sealed. It can be difficult or impossible to repair when broken. If you purchase real, handmade wood furniture, you’ll be happy to know that it can be sanded down and refinished. If a table, chair, or other piece of real wood furniture starts to look old and worn after several years of use, you can repair, patch, or fully refinish it to restore it to its original glory.

Buy Your Custom Real Wood Furniture at Hardtwood! At Hardtwood, we are strong believers in the benefits of real wood. Visit our shop to buy your own genuine wood furniture!

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